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We are all in pursuit of our daily tasks, and although the world offers us many tools to deal with them, most of us still feel frustrated because of the gap between what we want and what we have.

With Google Task Manager, you will be able to maintain maximum control over your tasks, nothing falls through the cracks, and juggle your personal life with your professional life.

In this story, I will provide insights into my thought process, the methods, and tools I used, and explain my reasoning and thoughts behind the decisions I made.

Role: Concept, research, UX, UI, prototyping

Period: The project was created during my work on my portfolio

The Design Process

Project Idea

This whole project was born with a post I saw on Facebook, in a group called “Supertools”, in the post someone asks for help with all their to-do list and open tabs, and that he needs a tool that can help him be more organized.

I understand that this could be a potential project to solve this problem for the popular users of Google, and users that don’t use progrems such as Monday, Jira, Notion, and more.

I started seeing a lot of similar posts, people need help in order to successfully accomplish their goals and tasks.

The questions I asked the users in the preliminary research

  1. Do you use other tools other than Google for managing time and tasks? digital or analog? If so, which one?

  2. How do you keep track of the progress of the task?

  3. Do you use notifications? If so, what kind? (popup, email reminder, saved WhatsApp messages)

  4. How many browser tabs do you have open on average at any given time?

  5. Is it necessary for you to separate tasks and time management into different areas (e.g., work, family, friends)?

  6. Do you work in collaboration with other people?

  7. How do you prioritize tasks?

  8. How do you schedule your tasks?

Target Audience

Anyone who uses Google's work tools
Basic technological level
Wants to organize and optimize his way of working and track his progress


Market Research

The insights from observing the competing systems​

monday-ar21 1.png
  • Task definition by priority

  • Add a deadline for completing the task

  • Switching between columns by dragging - flexibility in arranging the table

  • Dragging tasks between places in a convenient way

  • Adding a task in the form so that all the important details appear

  • The present of shared tasks with other people

  • Creating automation in an easy and intelligent way

  • Creating a different workspace to separate the different tasks

atlassian_jira-ar21 1.png
  • Adding a widget on the dashboard as needed in the form of tabs

  • Changing the layout of the grid in a convenient way

  • Too many fields to fill in and choices the user has to make

  • Feels too complex and less intuitive

  • Not suitable for the common user

trello-official 1.png
  • Adding a widget on the dashboard as needed in the form of tabs

  • Changing the layout of the grid in a convenient way

  • Too many fields to fill in and choices the user has to make

  • Feels too complex and less intuitive

  • Not suitable for the common user

My takeaway from each competitor

  • A dashboard that shows statuses on various Google products that work with them - display inside Google Chrome, Gmail, calendar, keep, and tasks.

  • The goal is to help the user manage his tasks and the distribution of his time - building tasks in a convenient way, dividing them into different projects or different dashboards, defining tasks according to urgency, and the possibility of inviting partners to a task like an invitation to a meeting.

  • split the screen into tasks and a dashboard.

  • The user can see the work progress.

  • Option for notifications in one place.

  • AI that recommend for today's work.

  • Something with the tabs opens all the time because the reason is the fear of missing something all the time

  • Viewing the calendar.

  • Possibility of separating the different topics of the work - different jobs, private, family, and more.

  • Tracking the performance of tasks by the user and other people who work with the user.

Google Task Mamager Wireflow

Login page
Login with Google account
Dashboard page
Google tools sidebar
Quick links to Google apps
Tabs bookmarks
Add new task
Task title
Project affiliation
Set due date
Time assessment
Add to calendar
Add partners
Task list
Projects list
Task list division
Today's Agenda
Dynamic dashboard display
Progress chart

What I offer as a solution

google task manager logo.png

Combined in one interface all Google's organization tools that we have in an efficient, simple, and friendly way.
The system allows us to understand what we need to do at a given time.
Shows us an up-to-date snapshot of our tasks and our time allocation.
It helps us juggle well between the various aspects of life.

main dashboard.png

Here are the main features of the system:

A current snapshot of each project -
The status of the uncompleted task and the completed, time management, and schedules.

A list of tasks with their status

main dashboard.png

All Google tools in one sidebar

main dashboard.png

Dynamic dashboard display

main dashboard.png
change status 03.gif

Change status directly from the main screen

main dashboard.png

Add a new task -

When adding a new task, define which project it belongs to, what is the due date, how long it is estimated to take to complete it, and its priority, choose a project, and add partners, in order to give the system all the information to help you plan your time.

add task2 (2).gif

Suggestion for today's planning -

The AI system offers a proposition for today's agenda,

it refines the tasks according to their due date, priority, and estimated time it would take to complete them.

today2 (7).gif

Google design -

All of Google's organization tools merge into one place, in the familiar design language and the convenient interface.

design system2 (1).gif

Manage all tasks in one place -

The division of various aspects of life in a simple way makes it possible to focus on one aspect needed, recognizing the need to manage professional and personal tasks simultaneously

one place5 (1).gif

Notifications -

We have a lot on our minds, responsibilities, ambitions, and dreams.

The system helps us not to miss anything, big or small tasks at the right time.


Team collaboration -

Chat with the team or partners, ask questions, update data or upload files.

open task (2).gif

Saved open tabs-

In order to reduce our visual stimuli, prevent the dispersion of our focus, and eliminate the feeling that we are missing something, our tabs are presented in one place, with a visual display, and the ability to divide by category, so that I can easily save and find what I am looking for immediately.

tabs2 (2).gif

More features to follow -

Add the ability to design the interface with images and colors.

The real essence - setting goals for years ahead, and the system helps to achieve them step by step.

Analyzing our way of working in order to determine whether it is being done properly.

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